From Algorithms to Ethics. A holistic view of AI

AI Book cover - From Algorithms to Ethics. A holistic view of AI

Out on 30/5/2022

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How would you explain AI to a 5-year-old?
What is the essential academic curriculum for a successful career as an AI professional?

What is the most impressive task that AI can accomplish today?
How is AI impacting the way businesses operate?
How could a ‘conventional’ company transform itself into a data-driven, AI-powered organization?
Do companies need a Chief AI Officer?
What is the ‘AI State of the Art’?
What is the impact of AI on society and everyday life?
What is the impact of AI on employment?

How should societies get prepared for AI?
What are the ethical concerns regarding the massive power and the general adoption of AI?
What can we do to prevent unreasonable concentration of (AI) power?
To regulate or not? How should governments react to the AI revolution?
How could Democracy benefit from AI?
Can AI help us solve humanity’s burning problems like climate change?
How is AI changing the global, geopolitical system?
Will AI become capable of replicating or redefining itself?


George is the producer of the ’60 Leaders’ series. He envisioned the concept as a platform that brings together diverse views from global thought leaders on a series of topics – from innovation and artificial intelligence to social media, cryptocurrencies, and democracy.

George is a Technology & Innovation Advisor with more than two decades of experience in Startups, Big-Tech, Consulting, and Pharma companies across markets. He offers unique perspectives on Product Development, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Technology. George has extensive experience in designing AI-powered digital products and software services. He has filed more than 20 patents on data-driven systems and Artificial Intelligence concepts and has delivered 80+ innovative, data-intensive projects, including Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and Predictive systems.


He is a 4x Startup founder (including Datamine Decision Support Systems Ltd) and demonstrates extensive experience in product architecture, software systems design, and digital product development – from concept to launch. George has worked for/with 10 multinational corporations (including Microsoft, Accenture, GSK) in 4 markets and has experience in designing/ optimizing 4 Innovation centers/ labs for global technology organizations. He is a published author with more than 100 articles on product development and innovation architecture. Contact:  

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Lucy Woodhead
Publishing Assistant

Lucy is a Software Engineer who enjoys working with several languages and frameworks, holding a variety of experience building products for the Public Sector, Retail, Energy Management, and Consumer Healthcare industries.

Coming from a creative arts background, Lucy pivoted into tech and has since been fascinated by AI and all it can do to progress the world, whilst also being cautious of the ethics and regulations of such developments. Lucy is enthusiastic about community initiatives and pioneering diversity in tech, often speaking or teaching at events around the UK to share her experience and knowledge with others. Lucy believes ‘60 Leaders on AI’ is an essential forum for understanding the state of AI now and the many directions it will be taken in over the coming years.

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Out on 30/5/2022

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