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'60 Leaders on Artificial Intelligence' brings together unique insights on the topic of Artificial Intelligence - from the latest technical advances to ethical concerns and risks for humanity. The book is organized into 17 chapters - each addressing one question through multiple answers reflecting a variety of backgrounds and standpoints. Learn how AI is changing how businesses operate, how products are built, and how companies should adapt to the new reality. Understand the risks of AI and what should be done to protect individuals and humanity. View the leaders. 

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'60 Leaders on Innovation' is the book that brings together unique insights and ‘practical wisdom’ on innovation. The book is organized into 22 chapters, each presenting one question and multiple answers from 60 global leaders. Learn how innovative companies operate and how to adopt effective innovation strategies. Understand how innovation and experimentation methods blend with agile product development. Get insights from the experts on the role of the C-Suite for innovation. Discover ways that Innovation can help humanity solve big problems like climate change.

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Do companies need a Chief AI Officer?

Agnis Stibe


Ongoing digitalization is rapidly impacting almost every aspect of organizational performance. Advanced technologies and highly capable algorithms are at the forefront of building a competitive edge for many progressive corporations. Meanwhile, other companies are struggling to keep up and gradually vanishing in this never-ending race for automation, autonomy, and applications of Artificial Intelligence.

It is inevitable. Companies aiming at achieving long-term success will need to upgrade their leadership structures. The major addition should be an integration of AI as one of the core competencies across all levels of management. There are organizations already assigning this responsibility to their Chief Information Officer, technology strategists, and leading system architects. That can be a viable short-term strategy.

Artificial Intelligence is an explosive catalyst for organizational hyper-performance. It is a superpower emerging from the extensive real-time data mining that boosts high accuracy decision-making. To harness these advantages, companies should have talent that is skilled and capable of mastering the full potential of such digital disruption. Most importantly, this expertise shall be an integral part of the top leadership teams.

Digital transformation has already brought Chief Information or Technology Officers to corporate management. Now it is an obvious natural next step to welcome also a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO) to an organizational leadership structure. This role has the responsibility to link all the core corporate processes to the ever-growing potential of AI to accelerate organizational hyper-performance.

Evolutionary, all companies have been always striving to improve. To deploy innovative tools that foster efficiency, thus empowering their market presence and securing sustainable growth. AI now arrives as an extraordinary opportunity to go much deeper and further than before. It can successfully intertwine the comprehension of microscopic details with their effects on macroscopic perspectives.

CAIOs and their teams will make visible the invisible and will help understand the complexity beyond current imagination. Data is their currency and intelligent algorithms are their currency exchange process. Senior management is their primary customer. Why? Because organizational performance predominantly depends on managerial decisions. Every success or failure is an outcome of a strategic decision.

AI has only one task. Yes, only one. Helping organizational leadership teams to make optimal decisions. That requires a smooth integration of all the digital components. Starting with data acquisition and ending with hyper-accurate predictive analytics. The CAIO shall constantly maintain and upgrade strategies for ensuring the efficiency of decision-making and value generation through such digital value chains.

Besides technological and algorithmic enhancements, it is crucial for managers to leverage AI for dealing with the all-time biggest challenge of organizational performance: the human factor, or, more precisely, human attitudes and behaviours, and their effects on decision-making accuracy. While technology is increasingly taking over many operational aspects in organizations, human decision-making oftentimes remains at the key crossroads of anticipated success.

The good news is that Machine Learning and Deep Learning, as applications of AI, are already helping organizations to uncover human factors in much greater detail and with more precision than ever before. That helps in locating the main underlying obstacles, often hiding in human minds, thus enabling managers to finally come up with solutions addressing the actual problems, rather than speculated ones.

Combining behavioural sciences with applied AI is the winning strategy for organizational leadership teams. In other words, proper integration of human and artificial intelligence is creating a united superpower for sustainable long-term success in organizations. Not surprisingly, that also applies to broader visions of societal well-being and overall prosperity for mankind. It is the dawn of man-machine co-evolution, a human-computer symbiosis.

"Combining behavioural sciences with applied AI is the winning strategy for organizational leadership teams."

Agnis Stibe is the Artificial Intelligence Program Director and Professor of Transformation at EM Normandie Business School and a globally recognized corporate consultant and scientific advisor at Provides the authentic science-driven STIBE method and practical tools for hyper-performance. 4x TEDx speaker, MIT alum.

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Agnis Stibe

"The CAIO has the responsibility to link all the core corporate processes to the ever-growing potential of AI."

Artificial Intelligence Program Director




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