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'60 Leaders' is an initiative that brings together diverse views from global thought leaders on a series of topics – from innovation and artificial intelligence to social media and democracy. It is created and distributed on principles of open collaboration and knowledge sharing. Created by many, offered to all.


'60 Leaders on Artificial Intelligence' brings together unique insights on the topic of Artificial Intelligence - from the latest technical advances to ethical concerns and risks for humanity. The book is organized into 17 chapters - each addressing one question through multiple answers reflecting a variety of backgrounds and standpoints. Learn how AI is changing how businesses operate, how products are built, and how companies should adapt to the new reality. Understand the risks of AI and what should be done to protect individuals and humanity. View the leaders. 

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'60 Leaders on Innovation' is the book that brings together unique insights and ‘practical wisdom’ on innovation. The book is organized into 22 chapters, each presenting one question and multiple answers from 60 global leaders. Learn how innovative companies operate and how to adopt effective innovation strategies. Understand how innovation and experimentation methods blend with agile product development. Get insights from the experts on the role of the C-Suite for innovation. Discover ways that Innovation can help humanity solve big problems like climate change.

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How is AI impacting the way businesses operate?

John Thompson


All functions within a business can and should be impacted by advanced analytics, data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Businesses move quickly and conditions change rapidly. AI models and data pipelines need to be built and directly linked into operational systems. I am not saying that AI will make all the decisions and that AI should decide without human intervention, but in the majority of the cases, an AI-driven system can, and in many cases, will be making most of the decisions and will not require human intervention. The best way forward is Augmented Intelligence where humans and machines work together. We have a long way to go, but we are on the right road today. AI can improve manufacturing efficiency, the retail experience, and many more business functions. Of course, we need monitoring systems and the ability to override and intervene when needed, but we can build AI systems that handle much of the drudgery that people do not want to be involved in on a day-to-day basis.

One area where there are exciting breakthroughs is Explainable AI (XAI). The innovations in XAI will enable us to use our most powerful models and modelling technologies in all industries and application areas. Today, in regulated industries like financial services and pharmaceuticals we cannot use Neural Networks in a number of applications due to our inability to examine and explain how the predictions and decisions were made. Soon, with XAI, that will no longer be the case. We will be able to deploy our most accurate tools and technologies on the most difficult problems in all areas and be able to explain in detail how the models made decisions and predictions. AI with XAI is coming sooner than many people believe and that change will take our ability to make and drive change with AI to a completely new level.

"AI with XAI is coming sooner than many people believe and that change will take our ability to make and drive change with AI to a completely new level."

John Thompson is an international technology executive with over 35 years of experience in AI and advanced analytics. John is the author of, Analytics Teams: Leveraging analytics and artificial intelligence for business improvement.


John Thompson

"Explainable AI (XAI) will take our ability to drive change with AI to a completely new level."

Author, Principal Consultant, CEO




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