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'60 Leaders' is an initiative that brings together diverse views from global thought leaders on a series of topics – from innovation and artificial intelligence to social media and democracy. It is created and distributed on principles of open collaboration and knowledge sharing. Created by many, offered to all.


'60 Leaders on Artificial Intelligence' brings together unique insights on the topic of Artificial Intelligence - from the latest technical advances to ethical concerns and risks for humanity. The book is organized into 17 chapters - each addressing one question through multiple answers reflecting a variety of backgrounds and standpoints. Learn how AI is changing how businesses operate, how products are built, and how companies should adapt to the new reality. Understand the risks of AI and what should be done to protect individuals and humanity. View the leaders. 

DOWNLOAD (PDF 256 pages)

'60 Leaders on Innovation' is the book that brings together unique insights and ‘practical wisdom’ on innovation. The book is organized into 22 chapters, each presenting one question and multiple answers from 60 global leaders. Learn how innovative companies operate and how to adopt effective innovation strategies. Understand how innovation and experimentation methods blend with agile product development. Get insights from the experts on the role of the C-Suite for innovation. Discover ways that Innovation can help humanity solve big problems like climate change.

DOWNLOAD (PDF 286 pages)

AI from a developer's point of view

Lucy Woodhead


Lucy is a Software Engineer who enjoys working with several languages and frameworks, holding a variety of experience building products for the Public Sector, Retail, Energy Management, and Consumer Healthcare industries. Coming from a creative arts background, Lucy pivoted into tech and has since been fascinated by AI and all it can do to progress the world, whilst also being cautious of the ethics and regulations of such developments. Lucy is enthusiastic about community initiatives and pioneering diversity in tech, often speaking or teaching at events around the UK to share her experience and knowledge with others. Lucy believes ‘60 Leaders on AI’ is an essential forum for understanding the state of AI now and the many directions it will be taken in over the coming years.


Lucy Woodhead

Software Engineer




Created by many, offered to all. Help us reach more people!

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