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'60 Leaders' is an initiative that brings together diverse views from global thought leaders on a series of topics – from innovation and artificial intelligence to social media and democracy. It is created and distributed on principles of open collaboration and knowledge sharing. Created by many, offered to all.


'60 Leaders on Artificial Intelligence' brings together unique insights on the topic of Artificial Intelligence - from the latest technical advances to ethical concerns and risks for humanity. The book is organized into 17 chapters - each addressing one question through multiple answers reflecting a variety of backgrounds and standpoints. Learn how AI is changing how businesses operate, how products are built, and how companies should adapt to the new reality. Understand the risks of AI and what should be done to protect individuals and humanity. View the leaders. 

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'60 Leaders on Innovation' is the book that brings together unique insights and ‘practical wisdom’ on innovation. The book is organized into 22 chapters, each presenting one question and multiple answers from 60 global leaders. Learn how innovative companies operate and how to adopt effective innovation strategies. Understand how innovation and experimentation methods blend with agile product development. Get insights from the experts on the role of the C-Suite for innovation. Discover ways that Innovation can help humanity solve big problems like climate change.

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What is the impact of AI on society and everyday life?

Marily Nika


I am very excited to experience the world embrace and discover Artificial Intelligence in more and more parts of their lives. The benefits of AI in our society are tremendous and cannot be listed in a few paragraphs, but here are three categories that I feel AI impacts the most.

1. Enhancing our Throughput as professionals. Have you heard of the term throughput before? Investopedia defines it as “the amount of a product or service that a company can produce and deliver to a client within a specified period of time”. According to Accenture, AI might increase productivity by 40% by 2035. This statement makes perfect sense to me, as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning empower us both personally and professionally, to avoid tedious day-to-day tasks. Imagine a world where you could only focus on the most strategic, most creative, and most impactful tasks at work, instead of spending your time i.e. troubleshooting a permission issue on your work laptop or crafting the right email to the right person with the right wording. Virtual Assistants are already here and similarly to the movie ‘Her’, they make life so much easier. We are headed towards a world where we will be able to funnel our brainpower to the tasks that matter to us the most. We may even get told by an AI what tasks should matter the most, according to our personal goals.

2. Enhancing Our Life. I worked for many years on Speech technologies for smart devices at home. Being able to use your voice and instruct your home devices to perform certain day-to-day tasks (i.e. playing music at home, setting a timer, retrieving an email or playing a podcast, or even turnings lights on or off) instead of needing to use a keyboard or a phone, creates a sense of convenience and luxury that was previously unimaginable. AI can also help automatically monitor your home for intruders and also reduce energy usage.

3. Healthcare. AI can improve, simplify and even save lives. Machines never get tired and thus are less likely to make a mistake compared to humans. There are many studies about how AI can reduce error and diagnose health issues effectively and efficiently, for example being able to diagnose cancer earlier than traditional ways. Moreover, key technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) have numerous applications in healthcare as they can classify, retrieve important documentation, and provide actionable insights in a matter of seconds.

"Technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) have numerous applications in healthcare as they can classify, retrieve important documentation, and provide actionable insights in a matter of seconds."

Marily Nika is an AI Product Leader based in San Francisco working for Google, previously for Meta (Facebook). She holds a Ph.D. in Computing Science from Imperial College London and is currently an Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School. Outside of her day role, Marily acts as an advisor to early-stage startups and also empowers the women in the tech community in various ways.


Marily Nika

"I am very excited to experience the world embrace and discover AI in more and more parts of their lives."

AI Product Leader




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