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George is a Technology & Innovation Leader and Corporate Advisor on Innovation Architecture and Digital Product Development. He has more than two decades of experience in tech startups, big-tech and consulting firms - including Microsoft and Accenture’s Global Center for Innovation. 


George is the producer of the ’60 Leaders’ series – he envisioned the concept as a platform that brings together diverse views from global thought leaders on a series of topics – from innovation and artificial intelligence to social media and democracy.

George is recognized as a thought leader for corporate innovation and digital product development. He is the author of 'The Innovation Mode' and has published more than 100 articles and interviews on the topic of corporate innovation. George has architected various corporate innovation frameworks, set up innovation labs, designed and built ideation systems, established digital prototyping teams, and architected large-scale innovation gamification programs – for various companies across domains and time zones. His expertise spans digital product development, software engineering, data science, and innovation leadership. He has filed more than 20 patents on Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and IoT and has led more than 80 data-driven projects from concept to launch, for more than 10 multinational corporations in three countries.  George is 4x startup founder. Contact:  

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About '60 Leaders on Innovation'

Robin is an innovation enthusiast with extensive experience in Venture Building, Consulting, Business Development & Innovation, Strategy, User Research, and Design Thinking.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School. Robin is the co-founder of reallygoodinnovation - the biggest collection of innovation resources on the web.

Robin is driven by his strong belief that innovation is achieved through collaboration and co-creation, and he is passionate about connecting people and building communities. He sees ‘60 Leaders on Innovation’ as a great way to connect innovation enthusiasts around the globe.



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