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Adi Mazor Kario, Invincible Innovation Founder. Adi Is One Of The Most Sought After Product Innovation Strategists Alive Today. Known for her ability to take creative business ideas and turn them into massive revenue, she leverages her proven strategies to create leading edge business growth for the world’s most forward-thinking business leaders. She has worked with the likes of IBM, Intel, Google, 6 “Unicorns” and Waze — along with literally hundreds of startups in Israel, the “Startup Nation,” and played a crucial role in the Google Accelerator for 8 years — and now she has turned her eyes toward Europe. Her last creation is a book called “Innovating Through Chaos- a proven formula to launching unbeatable products during uncertain times”. Adi works with a team of world-wide professionals with a background in entrepreneurship, Innovation, strategy and design. Her mission is to show ANY business (including yours!) how to innovate their way out of ANY challenge and create unbeatable products — ESPECIALLY during uncertain times. In fact, the biggest lesson Adi has learned in her time as a design and innovation strategist for today’s fastest-growing companies, is that change is your BEST opportunity for growth. And she would love to show you how.

Product Innovation Expert

Adi Mazor Kario

Adi Mazor Kario

Invincible Innovation

What are the essential digital tools for innovation?

Many companies that are starting their way with innovation struggle to select the right tools and methodologies. Depending on the priorities, the structure of the innovation team, the leadership, and their goals, companies might need to build tailored innovation processes supported by the right tools and methods. And there are plenty of such innovation tools out there, for instance, tools to manage a portfolio of innovation projects, facilitate ideation sessions, set up innovation challenges, and develop prototypes. Similarly, there are several methodologies like Design Thinking, Lean startup, etc.
However, these are just tools and methodologies – they are important but they cannot make a company innovative without the right mindset from the people engaging with these methods - the leaders, the managers, and the employees. For example, are people open to change? Can they balance business as usual versus future work, vision, and goals? Do they strive to create new solutions and grow in new directions? Are they willing to take risks? Are they ready to react to the fast-changing world?
After all, innovation is about handling the unknown and working un-der conditions of uncertainty, and hence, this special mindset is the most important part, the missing piece of the puzzle. Without this mindset innovation attempts are bound to fail - no matter how much effort and resources you place on innovation, people will not cooperate and in some cases even purposefully go against it. In addition to the mindset, a company should be aware of its strengths for innovation and utilize them in the process. For example, the internal resources - the leaders who could promote and push innovation further and the right people to participate in the innovation process. Or the external re-sources like the right suppliers and partners and also customers, academia, startups, etc. [ ... ]


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