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My career spans 30+ years working in technology products and services. Along with founding Emergn in 2009, I have had the good fortune to serve in several leadership roles and to learn from some of the best people in industry and in life, with an emphasis on building high performing teams, and developing leaders. A big part of my journey continues to involve thought leadership and change, working closely with organizations like the Global Peter Drucker Forum, contributing to Forbes, and mentoring senior leaders - always with a purpose to not confuse effort with results.

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Adamopoulos

Alex Adamopoulos


Do companies need a Chief Innovation Officer?

A few years ago, I was part of a CIO event held in New York. This event was an invitation-only conference that included 120 of the For-tune 500 CIOs and was designed to bring them together to share in-sights on several topics that they think about in their work. I had the opportunity to co-chair a private session with twenty of them and my co-chair was a Fortune 10 CIO. Our topic for discussion was whether the role of the Chief Digital Officer is needed or not. I can tell you that this was one of the liveliest meetings I’ve ever been in. There were lots of opinions being shared and we never did come out of that room with any agreement for or against the CDO role.
Today we have many people who hold this position in companies of all sizes, and it seems that organizations have trialled a few different organizational models to make it work. I believe there is still a bit of controversy about the value of this role, and I wonder if the Chief Innovation Officer role fuels the same type of debate. Similar to the CDO role, the introduction of a Chief Innovation Officer raises a series of questions [ … ]


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