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Dr. Arathi Sethumadhavan is a Principal Research Manager in the Ethics & Society team at Microsoft, where she works at the intersection of research, ethics, and product innovation.

Working alongside her team of researchers, she has brought in the perspectives of 13,000+ direct and indirect stakeholders, including traditionally disempowered communities, to help shape AI and other emerging technologies.

Arathi is also a recent Fellow at the World Economic Forum, where she worked on unlocking opportunities for positive impact with AI, to address the needs of the aging population.

Prior to joining Microsoft, she worked on creating human-machine systems that enabled individuals to be effective in complex environments in aviation and healthcare.

She has been cited by the Economist and the American Psychological Association and was included in LightHouse3’s 2022 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics list.

Arathi has a PhD in Human Factors Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

You can learn more about her here:

Principal Research Manager, Ethics & Society

Arathi Sethumadhavan

Arathi Sethumadhavan



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