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Daniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading global futurists and disruptive innovation experts. He is the author of seven bestselling books including The Anticipatory Organization and a strategic advisor to leading C-Suite executives worldwide.

Technology Futurist, Disruptive Innovation Expert, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author

Burrus Daniel

Burrus Daniel

Burrus Research

Excerpt from Daniel's answer on 'Digital Transformation – what is it all about?'

[...] Let's talk about the word transformation be-cause I think we understand digital but the key stumbling block, I believe, is transformation. And one thing I’ve found is that how you define the word gives you an entrepreneurial advantage. For example, I see people that say they're good at communicating; but actually, they're really good at informing, because they don't know the difference: informing is one-way and static while communicating is two-way and dynamic.
Similarly, people would say, we're good at collaborating when they're really only good at cooperating because they don't know the difference: you cooperate because you have to while you collaborate because you want to; cooperation is based on scarcity - I have to work with you so I'm going to protect and defend my piece of the economic pie while collaboration, is how can we work together to create a bigger pie for you and me. We get new collaborative software, and we cooperate with it; we get new communication tools, and we inform with it.
So why did I bring that up? Because we say we're transforming a process, a product, or service when we're really just changing it. And this is because we don't know the difference - and the difference makes all the difference. So let me give you a quick example: Change always comes from the outside in and it forces us to react, respond - and that's where agility comes in [
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