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Carlos is an experienced entrepreneur, facilitator, and innovation coach for both ventures and enterprise organizations. His professional raison d'etre is to help teams make better decisions, build solutions that delight customers, and to support organizations as they innovate at scale. Nearly 20 years in, Carlos has a ton of experience in strategic product development and innovation leadership. His expertise also includes applying design thinking, lean startup, and agile practices in organizational contexts. Ever the entrepreneur, Carlos started his first of several companies as a teenager, building computers and coding out of his home. Following university, he was a founding member of an enterprise learning management start-up that successfully scaled and was ultimately acquired by OpenText in 2011. Since Carlos has worked with Fortune 500 companies to help implement transformative innovation and agile practices and cultures. In his spare time, Carlos drinks probably way too much coffee, loves a good glass of Douro wine, and fits in travel wherever he can. He also co-organizes the Toronto Design Sprint meetup. He holds a BA in Economics/Computer Studies, and an MBA from Queen's University, Smith School of Business.

Co-Founder and Principal Facilitator/Trainer

Carlos Oliveira

Carlos Oliveira


What are the essential roles, and skills in a truly innovative environment?

The most innovative organizations put their customers first through the continuous discovery and early delivery of value. In these organizations, leaders place emphasis on evaluating and testing for successful outcomes over simply delivering outputs.

In these scenarios, the emphasis is on understanding and falling in love with the problem while iterating and refining solutions – not on the solutions themselves. Leaders must cultivate an experimentation and growth mindset, which is all about seeking value, trying something new that has never been done before, and being comfortable making decisions when the results aren’t always guaranteed.
To achieve a truly innovative environment requires leaders to elevate these skills and behaviors in various job roles throughout the organization [ ... ]


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