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Dimitris Livas is a collaborative leader focusing on motivating people to achieve challenging goals and objectives. He has decades of experience in the development of technology professionals and the management of large software development units.

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Agile Actors

Dimitris Livas

Dimitris Livas

Agile Actors

Digital Transformation – what is it all about?

Advances in digital technology have led to an era of continuous in-novation where existing services are challenged by new innovative ones that typically provide an enhanced, more appealing experience. A few decades ago, a service could last and hold the scepters as a service of preference in the market for many years. Nowadays, the lifespan of a service - from the moment it is introduced to the market to the time that it becomes obsolete or replaced by a more advanced one - is get-ting shorter and shorter.
A digital transformation program aims to change the company itself – to transform it into a new, evolved, and drastically improved organization. To do so, a digital transformation program must effectively trans-form multiple layers of the organization - established processes, structures, technologies. Moreover, given that all these are operated by people, a digital transformation program must also improve the culture and redefine the skillset available in the organization. More specifically, Digital Transformation is about transforming three layers of the organization:
- Processes. Transforming an organization to a simpler, more efficient, and effective one requires changes of the existing processes - including the organizational structure and roles. In the future, we will also see higher-order digital transformations where organizations will be applying alternative digital transformations dynamically - to utilize different strategies of operation and service provision.
- Technology. Modern technology provides new opportunities for efficient, ‘intelligent’ automation of complex processes – and this is getting more and more sophisticated at an accelerating pace. For example, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Services can be used to automate complex tasks and processes, across domains and industries. Such technologies are game-changers - they are evolving fast and they drive change or even disruption to established organizations: business leaders need to rethink the ways they operate and get things done [ ... ]


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