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An experienced CTO and CEO working across a number of industry sectors including Financial Services, Retail, and Media. Over 25 years expertise of global change programmes delivering complex technical transformations including Enterprise Scaled AI delivery and commercialisation.

► Founder & Group CEO of the Wisdom Works Group, a Deep Tech AI company focused on building the next generation of AI Platform to support the scaled deployment of intelligent technologies across multiple industry sectors including Medical, Retail, and Financial applications. We also provide AI consultancy services for those businesses looking to start their AI adoption journey. Our team is highly experienced practitioners with both decades of industry delivery as well as deep technical knowledge.

► Managing Partner of Wisdom Works Ventures. The only specialist accelerator for AI Startups. Providing Business, Technical and Investment Advisory. We work only with the best AI startups globally, from idea to seed to series A/B&C and partner with the founders to help their businesses grow.

Our portfolio of AI Startups are not only from the UK, but the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. We have a highly skilled and experienced network of industry advisers who provide ongoing support for our companies, providing the expertise in areas of business when it is needed, from Marketing to Operations, from HR to IPOs, we have everything covered.

► Chair of the Deep Tech Innovation Centre at Warwick Innovation District. To Inspire every innovator.
Our mission is to inspire, educate and incubate aspiring deep tech founders, who want to create a sustainable business built on AI or emerging technologies.

► The Wisdom Works Community - The AI Knowledge and Community Platform called Neurons.AI as well as the Annual Achievement Awards for AI. Organize various AI events and the AI & Robotics Conference.

► Host of THE AI FUTURE SHOW - A weekly Podcast and monthly live talk show, covering all aspects of AI including Technology, Business, Innovation, Startups, Careers and much more.

A thought leader in the field, developing new frameworks to help monitor the progress of advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, including areas of cognitive computing.

In 2020, Andy was an advisor to the film documentary We Need to Talk about AI and co-author of The AI Book

► For more visit Pardoe.AI

Founder & Group CEO

Professor Andy Pardoe

Professor Andy Pardoe

AGI Wisdom Group Ltd


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