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Rosemarie Diegnan is an experienced product leader having led product teams across a number of internet businesses in the USA and UK. Rosemarie joined Wazoku in 2012 and has led the design and delivery of its market-leading innova-tion suite including an Enterprise Innovation Platform, Idea Management Software and Open Innovation Marketplace.

Chief Strategy & Product Officer

Rosemarie Diegnan

Rosemarie Diegnan


What is the role of the C-Suite in empowering in-novation?

Innovation can only happen and be successful if the organisation’s leadership shares and visibly reinforces a transparent and consistent framework for what innovation means and how it will be applied across the organisation. To be effective, the innovation framework must start with what may seem obvious, but is often unclear: a specific and actionable definition of what innovation means to the organisation. Each organisation will have its own, nuanced definition, but one I like to start with is:
Innovation is a process through which new products and services are developed, or existing products and services are enhanced, to create new forms of value.

Once innovation has been defined for the organisation, you can begin to build an innovation framework that meets your specific objectives. There are three important aspects of the innovation framework: [ ... ]


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