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Steven O'Kennedy is the Director of Engineering in Accenture's Global Innovation Centre at The Dock in Dublin. After working on large scale system implementation and technical transformation projects for many years as a technical architect, he now focuses on incubating innovative products and services centred around mod-ern software architecture, AI and cloud technologies.

Associate Director of Engineering

Steven O'Kennedy

Steven O'Kennedy

Global Centre for Innovation at Accenture

What makes a company innovative?

Being an innovative company is not about using the latest technology or the latest cool project management techniques or even setting the latest design trends. It's not even about the ability to change quickly or bring new offerings to market quickly. Sure, all these may be ingredients you could observe in an innovative company, but they are just visible trappings rather than the substance.
As an example, I'll borrow light-heartedly from some of the content that currently circulates heavily in business/ innovation social media channels: I could get up at the same time in the morning as Steve Jobs, always wear the same clothes like Steve Jobs did, ask questions of yourself in the mirror every morning like Steve Jobs did, but Steve Jobs this still does not make me! Fortunately, I have recognised this fact be-fore spending a fortune on a wardrobe full of polo-necked jumpers! [ … ]


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