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Warwick Peel is an innovation-led entrepreneur, currently driving innovation excellence across Asia Pacific with IdeaScale. Continuing to mentor founders, he is part of Inspiring Rarebirds Female Founders in 2020. A board member for the United Nations Association of Australia (Victoria), he is passionate about steering impact towards the UN SDGs. He is also an advisor to startups, mentor to FYA Young Social Pioneers, active in the A.I for Good community, as well as Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs&Co.

Innovation Leader, Asia Pacific

Warwick Peel

Warwick Peel


Do companies need a Chief Innovation Officer?

The jury is out. Innovation is just a bunch of cool kids sitting in bean bags doing Design Sprints and playing with colourful post-it notes that end up in the bin. Wrong. In actual fact, innovation and new business models, reshaping the market is what will drive EBITDA post-pandemic and into 2023. Business-as-usual means dwindling revenues and a rap-id runway to insolvency or bankruptcy.

So, yes companies need to invest in a Chief Innovation Officer, an executive who has both the strategic foresight to provide clarity in the Horizon 3 vision , but also someone who can influence the CFO and execute mastery in balance sheet management to get Board sign-off on risk capital. This leadership role requires someone with the gravitas to speak the language of fail fast, lessons learnt; someone with an entrepreneurial capacity building across the organisation to transform the culture towards risk-taking, running experiments, and building new businesses [
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