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60 Leaders on Innovation - is now Released!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

60 Leaders on Innovation is now released

I am very excited to announce this very special project – a project that brings to life a very different innovation book.


The idea is simple, yet fascinating: what if we could ask the best across the globe to answer a fixed set of challenging questions on corporate innovation? What if we could combine their perspectives into a single book about innovation?

And so we did.

Robin Nessensohn and I contacted 60 leaders - CxOs, academics, technologists, innovation leaders, entrepreneurs, and start-up founders - across industries and time zones and asked them a few tough questions on corporate innovation - from a fixed set of 22 questions in total.

The result?

An amazing collection of thoughts characterized by a plurality of ideas, unique insights, and extremely interesting perspectives. Even from the early steps of the editing process, I was extremely impressed by the quality of the content and the ‘diversity of thought’ – which was precisely my source of inspiration for producing this very special book.

The book is organized into 22 chapters, each corresponding to one question.

There are questions regarding innovation in the corporate and startup worlds, for example, ‘What makes a company innovative?’ or ‘How is innovation different in the startup world?’.

Other questions focus on the essential innovation methods, the digital tools the skills that innovators need to have, the role of business experimentation, the interlink of agile product development and innovation.

We also asked leaders about the role of the C-Suite in empowering innovation, the importance of a strong innovation culture, the role of a community of innovators, and the need for a Chief Innovation Officer in a modern corporate environment.

What makes a company innovative?

The Questions

What makes a company innovative?

Enrique Dans, Jesse Nieminen, Brian Kennedy, Dr. Marily Nika, Steven O'Kennedy, Andrea Kates, Sofia Fernandes

Do companies need a Chief Innovation Officer?

Tom Goodwin, Vincent Pirenne, François Candelon, Alex Adamopoulos, Warwick Peel, Frederic Laluyaux, Patrick Van der Pijl, Daniel Burrus, Scott D. Anthony

What is the role of the C-Suite in empowering innovation?

Rosemarie Diegnan, François Candelon, Lisa Seacat DeLuca, Tom Goodwin, Mark Settle, Marica Labrou, Scott D. Anthony, Alex Adamopoulos, Frederic Laluyaux, Warwick Peel

What are the essential roles, and skills in a truly innovative environment?

Scott D. Anthony, Mark Settle, Eric Martin, Patrick Van der Pijl, Davide Matteo Falasconi, Carlos Oliveira

How is innovation different in startups?

Niko Bonatsos, Maria Paula Oliveira, Dr. Marily Nika, Steven O'Kennedy, Jesse Nieminen, Enrique Dans, Andrea Kates

How do you spot innovation opportunities?

Dr. Diane Hamilton, Lisa Seacat DeLuca, Misha de Sterke

Does corporate innovation need a methodology?

Eric Martin, Erik Schumb, Mathew (Mat) Hughes, Evangelos Simoudis, Kelly Dawson, Richard Turrin, Anthony Mills, Alex Farcet, Vincent Pirenne

What are the essential digital tools for innovation?

Erik Schumb, Gijs Van Wulfen, Alf Rehn, Pedro Costa, Adi Mazor Kario

How do you measure innovation output & impact?

François Candelon, Alf Rehn, MATHEW (MAT) HUGHES, Davide Matteo Falasconi

How important is culture for corporate innovation?

Anthony Mills, Cris Beswick, Enrico Gentili, Dr. Diane Hamilton, Tony Ulwick, Michael Stephen Crickmore

What are the most frequent innovation blockers?

Ger Perdisatt, Gijs Van Wulfen, Marica Labrou, Davide Matteo Falasconi, Charlie Widdows

How would you establish an experimentation mindset?

Tony Ulwick, Carlos Oliveira, Carlo Rivis, Misha de Sterke, Narjeet Singh Soni

Do companies need a ‘community of innovators’?

Jonne Kuyt, Adrián Heredia Iglesias, Warwick Peel, Vincent Pirenne, Patrick Van der Pijl, Charlie Widdows

How does innovation blend with agile product development?

Isaac Sacolick, Rosemarie Diegnan, Fabrizio Ferrandina, Adi Mazor Kario, Johanna Rothman

How would you define the truly agile organization?

Frederic Laluyaux, Tony Ulwick, Johanna Rothman, Adrián Heredia Iglesias, Isaac Sacolick, David Blake

Do public-sector companies innovate?

Steven O'Kennedy, Enrique Dans, Jesse Nieminen

Digital Transformation – what is it all about?

Daniel Burrus, Tom Goodwin, Ger Perdisatt, Erik Schumb, Jonne Kuyt, Dimitris Livas, Jonathan Rose

What is ‘Open Innovation’ and what is the value for the involved parties?

Ralf Wilden, Lisa Seacat DeLuca, Pedro Costa, Dermot Roche, Sofia Fernandes

To patent or not to patent? Do companies need an IP strategy?

Peter Hoeller, Dermot Roche, Joe Doyle

What are the technologies that will drive innovation in the next few years?

Lisa Seacat DeLuca, Jonathan Rose, Fabrizio Ferrandina

How does innovation help to solve the most pressing global problems?

Dr. Dragana Vukasinovic, Anthony Mills, Daniel Burrus, David Blake, Michael Stephen Crickmore, Christos Dimas

What is the future of work?

Fabrizio Ferrandina, Christos Dimas, Dr. Dragana Vukasinovic, Final Thoughts

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