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Alex Farcet is the co-founder of Startupbootcamp, a global network of industry-focused accelerator with over 1000 startup alumni, and Rainmaking, an innovation and venture building firm. He is French, was born in Spain, grew up in Africa, and lives in Copenhagen.

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Alex Farcet

Alex Farcet


Does corporate innovation need a methodology?

Imagine you’re applying for the role of Senior VP of Innovation at a Fortune 100 corporation. The CEO is hard-charging, under pressure, and keen to hire someone who will deliver results. You have a ton of experience, having held similar positions in other companies, and you’re focused on setting up the right relationship, and expectations, from the get-go in case you get hired.
- Corporate CEO: Hello, would-be-Innovation-SVP, I’m keen to discuss your application for the position of Senior VP of Innovation. So, talk to me about your approach - which innovation methodology will you be applying to our corporation?
- Would-be Innovation SVP: It depends on what you mean by method-ology. If you mean a set of processes to follow within a rigid frame-work then I would argue that’s not the solution.
I would focus on an overall approach - a set of guidelines adapted to a particular context. You’re looking for someone to ‘run innovation’ - I get it - but I wouldn’t focus on a methodology. I would apply a set of lessons learned supported by practical guidelines.
- CEO: Hmmm, okay, that sounds pretty woolly as well…
- Inno SVP: If you hire me, I will focus on three topics: context, diversification, and iteration
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