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Andrea Kates helps corporate teams and business leaders drive revenue growth through innovative routes to market, future-based insights, and cross-industry inspiration. Former tech CEO in San Francisco and now a global advisor and leader of high-impact initiatives for companies like Ford, Mayo Clinic, KK Wind, Intergraficas, and Cisco. Leadership Training, Innovation Initiatives, Thought Leadership/ Key-notes, Board Member and director of the new masterclass series Get To Next.

Managing Director

Andrea Kates

Andrea Kates

SUMA Ventures

What makes a company innovative?

It used to be that companies were judged as innovative based on how many ideas they could bring to market. There was a tension de-fined between the “innovate/explore” and “execute/exploit” mindsets. Huge debates emerged about whether a company should focus on its core or on emerging “edge” opportunities. In today’s market, three things have changed. First, the speed of change is unprecedented: keeping up means shifting to new arenas at a breakneck pace. Second, there are new forces of change - coming from industries outside of the ones where we are used to competing and operating – and that re-quires cross-industry insights. Third, the business models themselves have shifted, opening up new opportunities to collaborate, to build an ecosystem through relationships that transcend the traditional supply chain mindset […]


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