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Here you find ... … a seasoned team developer & coach supporting collocated and distributed teams in VUCA world to find and keep their flow towards outstanding team results. I enjoy working with Startups on their team journeys to find their Unique Selling Propositions, their Vision & Mission and to ensure a client centric problem-solution-fit; as a trainer & coach I support professionals on their individual career path´ towards “agile” and executives on their transition to become servant leaders …. an experienced Innovation Manager & facilitator of creative workshops, sprints and agile project settings with the ability to ensure the sustainable implementation of workshop- and project results. I ´m fluent in consulting of Digital Transformation projects under both aspects: development and transformation of back-office-functions and innovation consulting towards new sustainable products and services … an agile systemic thinker and strategist with solid knowledge of business processes, innovation management and emerging technology. I have proven my ability to achieve result in highly competitive environments. As a strategic networker I enjoy the mutual exchange, collaboration and cross-pollination in my global network of professionals and experts.

Agile Strategist & Coach

Erik Schumb

Erik Schumb

Agile Sprints

Does corporate innovation need a methodology?

[ ... ] These four types of methodologies are not siloed - in practice, many of the methods and tools serve simultaneously more than one of the above four purposes. For example, Design Thinking is a great frame-work, not only to ideate and prototype but also to develop the Vision & Mission and shape the right mindset. Similarly, Scrum, whilst focuses on project management and execution, equally serves in building a special mindset.

From these methods and tools, I would put a special emphasis on the second category mentioned above – the ones to ‘Shape a special innovation mindset at both individual and organizational levels.’ I would also emphasize Sustainability as a common ground and purpose for each initiative relating to innovation – this helps innovators to address the special challenges of our century and the tasks of our generation. There are various initiatives on a global scale that provide unique tools and methodologies to help build sustainable organizations, for a sustainable world, including 17 SDGs of the United Nations , Theory U, Economy of the Common Good . A framework for sustainability should be considered as a ´must have´ when shaping the vision & mission of a corporation - to set the direction and their unique ‘innovative path´. It should be the master framework on top of all other frameworks and methodologies applied.
The next most important class of tools in my opinion is the ‘Ideate - activate imagination and creativity.’ The greatest resource any corporation has – its employees – needs to be activated with their whole power of imagination and creativity [ ... ]


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