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Fabrizio Ferrandina is Group CEO of Zühlke, a global innovation service provider. His career has been dedicated to driving software and system projects for clients all over the world. Until 2018 Fabrizio Ferrandina was CEO of the German subsidiary and member of the Zühlke Group Executive Board.


Fabrizio Ferrandina

Fabrizio Ferrandina

Zühlke Group

How does innovation blend with agile product development?

Innovation thrives when collaboration is fostered by encouraging agile practices, when teams feel free to bring up out-of-the-box ideas, and when user feedback is used effectively. Agile practices match well with the Build-Measure-Learn innovation processes that test ideas early with customers. Customer feedback then directs the product back-log, out of which the product is delivered in small working increments. Such continuous feedback cycles allow products to evolve efficiently, whereby the ‘ideas repository’ continuously feeds into the product back-log. Ideas can be prioritized using strategically aligned OKRs . Alternatively, tools like solution opportunity trees or ideation workshops are used to design experiments that are then fed into the product backlog for development [ ... ]


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