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Michael Stephen Crickmore is the Co-Founder of FoundersLane London and UK Head of Sustainable Business Design.

Chief Fvtvrist, Corporate Venture Builder

Michael Stephen Crickmore

Michael Stephen Crickmore


How important is culture for corporate innovation?

Culture can be simply defined as the way things are done around a work environment - it is the way your employees operate, collaborate, and communicate with each other that makes up your corporate culture. So, how important is culture for corporate innovation? Company culture is the backbone of your entire organization. Simply put, when you have a culture that embeds innovation, you create more opportunities for your organization. It’s something corporations like Netflix tout and stand by as a part of their hiring, promoting, and even firing process: if you don’t fit the culture, little else matters.
Leadership needs to have a clear narrative of profitable growth and innovation to tell the board and outside world. But how do you motivate and include an entire organization to tell this story? Whether your company consists of 100 or 100,000 employees, it is essential that every-one is on the same page about the results they are trying to achieve and how their jobs connect to those results. Culture is at the core for any business looking to use innovation to tell this growth story - and experience shows that this has to be a forethought, not an afterthought.
Culture is essential to corporate innovation – it makes up the building blocks to everything you are trying to achieve. If your company has a lackluster culture, you are going to achieve lackluster results. The most progressive clients I have worked with, implement a positive work environment and a culture that encourages personal growth and development. This mindset allows employees to focus on improving them-selves while improving the company - by working cohesively as a team under the same shared objectives and principles [ ... ]


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